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Research Presentations & Publications

Teaching and Research Experience

1. January 2002 to present date- Senior Clinical Lecturer, Christchurch School of Clinical Medicine, University of Otago.

2. Regular teaching at psychiatry registrar training programme. Specific areas of interest include: Cross-cultural psychiatry, phenomenology, forensic psychiatry, psycho-pharmacology, personality characteristics of risk-taking populations (mountaineers, BASE jumpers and criminals).

3. Supervision of registrars in psychiatry and senior medical students.

4. Research interests include: Metabolic complications associated with antipsychotic medications. Personality characteristics, morbidity and mortality in climbing and BASE jumping populations. Off-label use of antipsychotic medications. Epidemiological psychiatric research in developing countries.

Presentation at Conferences

1. Sept. 1999- “Diagnostic and demographic characteristics of an inpatient psychiatric population in the city of La Paz-Bolivia”. World Congress of the World Federation for Mental Health, Santiago de Chile.

2. Nov. 2001- “Risk of Risk Assessment”. FIRST Forensic Conference, Christchurch, NZ.

3. Aug. 2003- Expert Panel on Prison Psychiatry. International Psychiatry Review, Christchurch, NZ.

4. April 2004- Organizer, convener and presenter of plenary session at FIRST Forensic Conference. Greymouth, NZ.

5. Nov. 2004- “Development of a Metabolic Monitoring Programme”. Faculty of Forensic Psychiatry Conference, RANZCP. Perth, Australia.

6. Feb. 2006- Poster Presentation “Metabolic complications associated with antipsychotic treatment” in Forensic Faculty Conference of British College of Psychiatrists, Newcastle England.

7. March 2006- Member of NZ specialist panel for development of assessment and treatment guidelines in the management of metabolic complications in psychiatric care.

8. Nov. 2006 to March 2008- Multiple presentations on the relationship between Antipsychotic treatment, serious psychiatric disturbance and the development of metabolic complications.

9.April 2007- Presentation of research findings into Personality characteristics, morbidity and mortality findings in a population of mountaineers. Australian Climbing festival, Katoomba.

10. May 2009- “Thinking Outside The Square”, Plenary Lecture for NZ Medical Students Assoc. Annual Conference, Christchurch, NZ.

11. May 2010- Keynote Lecture. NZ Medical Students Association Annual Conference, Queenstown, NZ.

12. June 2010- “Morbidity, Mortality Findings and Personality Characteristics in a population of Mountaineers and BASE Jumpers”. Plenary Lecture; Wingate Congress of Exercise and Sports Science- The Wingate Institute, Netanya, Israel.

13. Sept. 2011- “Off-label Use of Antipsychotic Medications” and “Personality Characteristics of Mountaineers, BASE Jumpers and Criminal Populations”. Plenary Lectures- RANZCP New Zealand Conference, Queenstown, NZ.

14. Dec. 2011- “Personality Characteristics and Accidents in a Population of Alpine Climbers and BASE Jumpers”. Keynote address- International Rock Climbing Research Congress, University of Canterbury. Christchurch NZ.

15. July 2012- Keynote address- “the long road to forensic psychiatry; confessions of a serial climber”, in the inaugural AUMSA medical students conference, Auckland NZ.


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Books and book chapters

1. The Andes of Bolivia: adventures and a climbing guide. (2004). A. Mesili, E. Monasterio. ProduccionCima, Bolivia.

2. Omer Mei-Dan, Erik Monasterio and Mike Carmont. Book chapter: Adventure sports injuries in Sports Injuries: Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment and Rehabilitation. Ed. MahmutNedim Doral. Springer Verlag 2012.

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